Principles of Publication

1. Online Turkish Health Sciences is a journal established in 2016. Our magazine is a national magazine published regularly in 4 issues per year, starting from 2016, including national and international, Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery, Sports Sciences and other areas related to human health. All articles submitted for publication are evaluated by editor, editorial advisory board and the referees..
2. Original research paper, technical notes, letters to the editor and reviews in Turkish or English are published in our journal. 
3. Only the original scientific research are included. It is essential that the information created in scientific study needs to be new, suggest new method or give a new dimension to an existing information. 
4. Articles submitted for publication are evaluated by 2 or 3 referees, accept-decline decision are taken by editorial board. Names of referees evaluating studies aren’t informed to the authors. And also referees can’t see the names of authors. It’s general essential that studies which aren’t seemed enough need to be changed in accordance with suggests of referees. Studies which aren’t reached intended level or aren’t seemed enough in terms of scientific are refused with unexplained reason.
5. Studies mustn’t be published in another journal or mustn’t be sent another journal to be published. For this, a cover letter explaining this situation is asked from authors.
6. All responsibility of the studies belong to the authors. Studies should be prepared in accordance with international scientific ethics rules. Where necessary, a copy of the ethics committee report must be added.
7. Articles submitted for publication in our journal are checked with i-Thenticate which is a similarity control software since 01.08.2016. If the similarity ratio is higher than 45%, the submission is rejected. Similarity report will be sent on the advisory board to be checked.
8. For the studies accepted for publication in our journal, copyright transfer form signed must be added to the system.
9. Studies submitted for publication in our journal must be prepared according to the rules of spelling of journal. Spelling and template are included in
10. On the front cover of each issue, an image, a pattern or a graphic determined by editorial board is located.
11. 30 days after minor revision, 60 days after major revision, 90 days after needed to rewrite revision required changes must be done by authors